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ADJUST, the reins

The reins ADJUST are made of a unique and innovative grip with it’s sensory stoppers Sensi’T and Fixi’T, sublimated by our genuine leather, sensual and non-allergenic which will develop a patina over time. Hand made by French saddlers, every piece is unique with a high quality finishing.

Our way

Ask a horseback rider what contact is and he will answer that it’s a connection between his hands and the horse’s mouth through the reins. Horse riding is all about establishing this communication. The mouth will not be relaxed unless we have relaxed hands.

The contact must be at the same time gentle and strict, flexible and firm. You will lengthen then shorten your reins, you will manipulate them, and you will give tension and then relax… and restart again and again.

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notre vision

Our innovation

Boost your sense of touch!
Highly technical elastomer, soft texture, pleasant to the touch, heat (-60 ° to + 200 °) and UV resistant, easy gripping.

Technical grip

No more rubber that melts, wears out quickly and hurts your hands!

  • Develop your sense of touch
  • Optimize the contact

Sensi’T/Fixi’T stoppers

No more fix stoppers and handles!


  • Soft texture
  • Relaxes the hands
  • Advised for flat work


  • Compact texture
  • Fixes the hands

Ergonomic shape

New way to hold them

Adjust the stoppers to the millimeter

Our leather

High quality leather with a sensual and delicate touch!
Natural and non-allergenic, vegetable tanning, full-grain.

cuir francais

French leather

Robust and high tensile

Hand made by a saddler

Hand-sewn seams for more resistance
New design for martingale stoppers with a clover to bring you luck

Our reins offer a great gripping confort thanks to their texture pleasant to the touch.


Patented and made in France. Full-grain vegetable leather, heat (-60° to + 200°) and UV resistant.