Adjustable draw reins | Soft T

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Draw reins + 2 Fixi’T stoppers

Adjust the length of your draw reins! 😀

Size : adjustable from pony to horse

Colors of the rope: orange | purple | champagne | black

Colors of the leather: black or havana

Rope : Made in France, 100 % polyester

Leather : Natural, vegetable-tanned leather without chrome salt, full-grain.

Grip and stoppers : Technology Soft T  – elastomer, resistant to high and low T° ( -60°C to + 200°C), to the ozone and the UV.

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Adjustable draw reins by IHWT

Our innovation consists in possibility to adjust the length of your draw reins.

The system has been imagined and manufactured by IHWT.

The goal is to be able to use the same draw reins no matter the size of your horse or big pony

by simply sliding and fixing the rope at the right length.

This will prevent the loop from getting stucked in your stirrups or simply having your loop too long.

How do the stoppers work?

Each draw rein is made of the Soft T grip to which we have added 2 Fixi’T stoppers (one on each side) which are movable.

Depending on your riding level, the stoppers will help you to control the adjustment so as to avoid over-bending.

You can as well ask your coach or any other experienced rider to help you out with the good position for the stoppers.

The draw reins need to be used with caution.

The materials

The rope is 6mm thin, thinner that the traditional ones. This makes the sliding more easy and makes your draw rein less heavy. The carabiners are also lightweight, made of a stainless steel so as to avoid the rust.



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