Halter Harmonie | Full

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Leather halter by IHWT

When highly technical meet authenticity and elegance!

Handmade in France

Leather basis available: dark gold, havana, black

Cheek strap customization: chose your leather finishing

Brass ou stainless steel buckles

More photos available upon request >>> contact@ihwt.fr

Production deadlines: between 10 and 15 days maximum


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Halter Subtilité “V” Confort

After many month of development, we’re pleased to introduce our new halter line.

Designed to be long lasting and resistent, made of a high quality leather,

our bespoke halters are lighter and more confortable than the traditional leather ones,

they’re 100% manufactured in France.


The unique “V” shaped head piece

Ensures the best comfort possible thanks to it’s design and material:

– reduces the pression due to the shape and the Sof’T 

– supple, it perfectly fits all the morphologies and will adjust on the neck

– mobile, it follows the repeated movements of the neck without harming and compressing

– won’t move, won’t turn thanks to the anti-slippery surface of Soft T

The Soft T noseband

– ultra-light,

– confortable and supple


Vegetable-tanned leather, thick, resistant and long lasting.

A choice of brass (yellow) or stainless steel (grey) buckles to ensure the durability.


Possibility of customization so as to create a unique and refined halter.

We have created 3 models so as to match all tastes and desires.

Model Élégance:

Choose among chic and decorative leather finishings

Model Harmonie:

Chose among color leather finishings

Model Style:

All leather


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