Howlett training aid | Black

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The Howlett / Thiedeman training aid

Leather : bogue, havana or black

Size : full or cob

Rope : black, orange,  purple or champagne

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The Howlett / Thiedeman training aid

The howlett training aid is an alternative to draw reins while being much less restrictive. It will help you to get the right working angle.

To make a good use of draw reins the rider needs to have really good hands because every bad hand movement will bring the horse’s nose in his chest. While with the howlett training aid, the rider will just act on the reins and no matter the riding skills and level, you won’t get the horse in a bad position.

You can use the howlett training aid not only for the flat work but also for jumping (that you can’t do with the draw reins).

And finally, with howlett training aid, you have just one pair of reins and not two as with the draw reins.

Our innovation : adjustable rope

Usually the length is adjusted on the reins by choosing one of the three rings.

We have imagined a new system that will allow you to adjust the length of the rope. Thus you can have the right length to the millimeter.


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