Reins ADJUST | havana & black

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Each rein has 2 FIXI’T stoppers + 1  SENSI’T stopper + 2 mark stoppers (per side)

Made in France
Colors: havana leather with black grip.
The stoppers & the Grip: elastomer, resistant to temperatures from -60 ° to + 200 °, ozone and UV resistant.
Stoppers : Sensi’T, help to get a softer contact / Fixi’T, keep the hands fixed.
Leather: 100% vegetable tanned, full grain.
Length of the reins:

  • Full : app. 1.45m
  • Cob : app. 1,25m
  • Pony : app. 1,10m (availability : within 15 days maximum)

Possibility to shop additional Sensi’T / Fixi’T (+ 10€).
Possibility of customizing upon request (clasps – carabiners – howlett – length). Contact us by e-mail:


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Reins Adjust – An iron hand in a velvet glove

Reins Adjust are made from leather and a highly technical elastomer grip with movable stoppers.

They are suitable for all equestrian disciplines: jumping, dressage, cross-country courses and for all levels of experience. Starting from the beginners to 5* riders, everyone will find interest in these: the smooth and sophisticated contact, the comfort, the right length of reins at any moment, the fine finishings and the quality

Movable stoppers

The Sensi’T stoppers, have soft texture and thus will make your hands and the contact with your horse softer too. Easy to move. They are advised for flat work. 

The Fixi’T stoppers have much more compact texture.  They’re advised for any situation where you need to fix your hands (jumping, canter, etc.) They are pretty hard to move so we advise to move them before getting on the horse’s back.  Just put the rein in a flat position and  move it to the exact position where you want them to be. They won’t move while you’re riding. Thus, you’ll be able to have your own repairs at any moment. Most of the riders use several Fixi’T stoppers so as to have several positions on the rein (for example, you’ll have your reins shorter while you approach the jump and then you’ll let them lengthen a little during the flight). Sensi’t and Fixi’T stoppers are actually complementary.

Mark stoppers: 2 tiny stoppers, very easy to move, are added on all the reins. Mostly used for exercising.  For example, during the bending exercises they’ll help you to be perfectly symmetrical on both sides.

Technical grip

Offers an extremely soft  and supple touch. Made of a highly resistant elastomer it won’t melt, become sticky or crack as the traditional rubber does.

Made in France

Designed and handmade in France, every rein is unique! Handmade stitches, cutouts, dyes
 is a guarantee of fine finishings for a long lasting product. They’re made of a natural, 100% vegetable tanned leather.

Additional information

Diamond (+10€)

No, Yes (+10€)


Cob, Full, Pony


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