Bridle Evolution | Covered rope

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Bridle Evolution by IHWT



The unique “V” shaped head piece

Ensures the best comfort possible thanks to it’s design and material:

– reduces the pression due to the shape and the Sof’T 

– supple, it perfectly fits all the morphologies and will adjust on the neck

– mobile, it follows the repeated movements of the neck without harming and compressing

The coated rope noseband

The coating makes the noseband less stric than the classic rope nosebands :

> smooth touch and non-abrasive contact,

the noseband keeps its rounded shape and thus does not compress the respiratory trucks

> the rope / leather junction was specially designed

less long so as to avoid as much as possible the facial nerve.

> the coating of the rope allows an extremely easy cleaning . This obviously avoids the dirt to come and stuck in the interstices of the mesh of the rope.


Vegetable-tanned leather, thick, resistant and long lasting.

Stainless steel (grey) buckles to ensure the durability.


Possibility to add a custom browband and diamonds on the browband


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