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Bridle Evolution by IHWT



The unique “V” shaped head piece

Ensures the best comfort possible thanks to it’s design and material:

– reduces the pression due to the shape and the Sof’T 

– supple, it perfectly fits all the morphologies and will adjust on the neck

– mobile, it follows the repeated movements of the neck without harming and compressing

The Infinity noseband

Extremely ergonomic, it brings a maximum confort to the jaw, doesn’t compress the respiratory trucks and reduces the pression on the bone parts as well as the facial nerves

– the round leather allows to fix the noseband more or less high on the nose

– the nose part is made of our Soft T material so as to bring as much confort as possible. It’s soft touch and adaptability reduces the pression on the facial nerves. It will fit on any form of forehead: wide or fine, convex or hooked. There is no risk of material to flatten in time as this could happen with the sheepskin or foam

The combination of our round, vegetable tanned leather and our Soft T materials ensures a perfect shape in order not to touch any sensitive parts such as the trigeminal nerve or the bone’s edges.

Recommended for horses who:

– are sensitive to pressure

– do not support French or combined muserolles

– have trouble with relaxing

– are sensitive in the mouth


Vegetable-tanned leather, thick, resistant and long lasting.

Stainless steel (grey) buckles to ensure the durability.


Possibility to add a custom browband and diamonds on the browband


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